Watch: Storm chaser rides Puget Sound ferry through 60 mph winds

A large wave crashes onto the M/V Hyak on the Edmonds-Kingston ferry{ } (Photo: Benjamin Jurkovich / Live Storms Media)

ON PUGET SOUND, Wash. (KOMO) -- Usually when you think of having to sail treacherous seas, you're in the middle of an ocean.

But some Washington residents didn't need to go far on Friday night -- just Puget Sound would do.

Storm chaser Ben Jurkovich of Lake Stevens had driven over to Port Angeles to survey the damage from their mountain wave wind storm Friday morning, then on his way home, managed to be on the M/V Hyak on the Kingston-Edmonds run as the main wind storm hit the Puget Sound region.

Wind gauges on the ferry measured a few gusts as high as 60 mph.

"It was wild!" Jurkovich said. "Top windstorm experience for me now.... It was bad, watched power go out on each side of the sound with numerous power flashes."

Over 200,000 people lost power in the storm as wind gusts hit over 50-60 mph.