Missouri town gets new newspaper, The Uranus Examiner

The town of Uranus has a new newspaper. (MGN)

ST. ROBERT, Mo. (KRCG) — The editor of a new newspaper in Pulaski County says despite its unusual name, the Uranus Examiner will be a serious source of news intended to serve the public in the wake of the death of the Waynesville Daily Guide.

Natalie Sanders, who was once the managing editor of the Daily Guide, said the death of the paper left a void in the community. "Providing an unbiased news source was important to all of us," she said. She said she and a few other people had planned to start a humorous newspaper parody called the Uranus Examiner, but when the need for a real newspaper came along, they decided to fill the void.

Sanders mourns the loss of the Daily Guide and says she has been encouraged by other community members. "I was really upset when the Daily Guide closed," she said. But "support has been overwhelming, really. Some people have been a bit 'stodgy' about it," referring to the name.

The name refers to a tourist destination on Route 66 in St. Robert called "Uranus." Most of the business there are owned by the spot's self-proclaimed mayor, Louie Keen, as will the Examiner.

But Sanders says the name stays. "In America today, we have been getting way too politically correct, in my opinion," she said.

The newspaper will not follow the "subscription model" that many newspaper readers are accustomed to. Instead of subscribing to the paper, it will come in the mail for free. Sanders said they plan to start by mailing it to 15,000 addresses in Pulaski County, and hope to increase that number to 25,000 eventually. Revenue would be generated by advertising.

The paper plans to start with a payroll of three or four employees, including a full-time blogger, a stringer, a sports reporter, and Sanders herself.

The area is already served by an online news source, The Pulaski County Daily News.