Male sharp-tailed grouse 'dances' in mating ritual

Male sharp-tailed grouse 'dances' in mating ritual (Utah Division of Wildlife Resources via Storyful)

NORTHERN UTAH (STORYFUL) -- The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources posted footage on May 6 of male sharp-tailed grouse performing a phenomenon known as lek mating, where they “dance” across a communal space in an effort to attract females.

“With wings extended and feet stomping, they rattle their tail feathers and zip around the lek in effort to secure breeding rights,” the caption accompanying the video reads.

Both greater sage-grouse and sharp-tailed grouse are known for their lekking rituals, which take place every spring, according to an article by the National Audubon Society.

“It’s a gathering of males to show off their genes without any material benefits to a female,” the article reads.