Drug bust after bike chase, suspect flees saying 'I just need to poop'

yakima police department.png
Yakima Police Department (KIMA-TV News photo)

YAKIMA, Wash. (KIMA) — A man from Yakima, Washington, is under arrest and facing a dozen serious drug and identity theft charges after what began with a bicycle missing a light.

Police said Saturday evening, an officer noticed a man without a light on his bicycle.

The officer decided to stop the man to talk about the importance of having a light on his bicycle on a dark roadway.

After the officer turned on his emergency lights, the police said the man didn’t pull over and instead tried to get away, making multiple turns and pedaling the bike extremely fast.

The police said the man had ditched the bicycle, threw a backpack on the ground and began running down a driveway.

The man tripped while trying to jump a 3-foot fence, and the officer yelled he’d use his Taser on him if he kept running.

At that point, the officer says the man put his hands up, exclaiming, “I just need to poop.”

Samuel C Riojas, 38, was arrested.

Authorities searched for Riojas and the bag they say he tossed away. They found three different cell phones, brass knuckles, a pill cutter, $240 in counterfeit currency marked “prop only,” well over a hundred blue oxycodone pills laced with fentanyl, nine suboxone strips, two pipes, a scale, numerous knives, and some suspicious checks.

They also discovered that Riojas had felony warrants for a DOC violation, heroin possession, and identity theft.

Investigators say they tracked down the owners of the suspicious checks and found that they were from two people who said they recently had checks stolen.

Riojas faces four Charges of Possession with Intent to Deliver, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, 5 Counts Possession of Stolen Property, and Two counts of Identity Theft.