Decades-old love letter found in Walmart now back in the hands of author's grandson

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The letter Max sent to Martha while he was stationed in Alaska in 1954. (Image: WTVC)

DALTON, Ga. (WTVC) — A Dalton Walmart employee found a love letter in an aisle, with no real idea how it got there. While that's one of the questions still unanswered, others have been resolved.

The 4-page letter was postmarked on July 30th, 1954. In it, Max Holcomb talks about how he can't wait to see his "honey" Martha again.

Dakota Lovain worked at the Walmart Neighborhood Market. He's the person who found the letter. He hoped to reunite it with the author and recipient.

Lovain is a member of the National Guard. He was deployed before he could finish his search. Another employee took on the task, and found a relative to Max and Martha - their grandson.

The two had been married for 60 years when Martha died in 2014. Max died in 2017.

On Friday, Jason Holcomb spoke to reporters at the Walmart about the discovery. He says he was raised by the two, and loved them very much.

"They were selfless people," said Holcomb. "They always thought about each other before they did anything. They were inseparable."

Max Holcomb served in the Air Force and was stationed in Alaska at the time he sent the letter.

Tonight, they don't know how the letter actually got to the Walmart.

As for Jason, it's a letter he'll always treasure.