Britney Spears' concert halted as man storms stage; security and dancers stop him

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Jess Webb (LVMPD)

Britney Spears was hustled away by security after a man invaded the stage at her show in Las Vegas on Wednesday night.

It was her first night returning to her show after vacation.

(WARNING: Video contains explicit language)

A security guard swiftly rushed after him, pulling his arms behind his back and walking him towards the wings, but a scuffle ensued and they both ended up on the floor. The stage invader broke free but was quickly tackled to the ground again.

By this point, the audience could clearly see what was happening as the dancers had dropped to their knees as part of the routine, and a few of them broke formation to help the guard control the man while Britney remained oblivious to the commotion, asking the audience, "Are you guys having fun?"

Two security guards then walked through the dancers to Britney, who appeared confused and shocked, and she could be heard asking them, "Is something okay? (sic) What's going on? What's going on? Who's hurt?"

According to Las Vegas Metropolitan Police, 37-year-old Jesse Webb was arrested for trespassing.

A spokesperson stated he was asked to leave by security "prior to him jumping on stage and dancing."

Video taken from the audience shows him restrained against the floor by a large group of guards and dancers.

Jason Blackhurst from Melbourne, Australia shared footage of the incident with and said, "When they moved him off the stage everybody started chanting 'Britney, Britney.'"

The man was reportedly handcuffed and removed from the stage before Britney, who only had two songs remaining in her set, returned to perform one more track.

The concert kicked off Britney's next residency stint and before the show, she tweeted, "Feels so good to be back in Vegas!! #PieceOfMe returns tonight!"